ChangeLog 3


[02/03/94]    RS    pixutils.c
        Improved the efficiency of the RasMol polygon rendering.

[02/03/94]    RS    command.c tokens.h
        Added the "colour trace" command (and the "trace" command)
        to make "trace" synonymous with the "backbone" command.

[01/03/94]    RS    abstree.c abstree.h command.c tokens.h
        Added the rasmol "define" command to allow sets to be
        defined by the user.

[01/03/94]    RS    command.c tokens.h
        Added the RasMol "echo" command.

[28/02/94]    RS    outfile.c
        Improved the implementation of "write vectps" to correctly
        handle wireframe intersections with spheres and to draw
        cylinder bonds to produce effective ball & stick pictures.

[22/02/94]    RS    command.c render.c transfor.c
        Added nucleic acid ribbon representations. By default, a
        nucleic acid ribbon is 720 RasMol units wide. The O5* atom
        defines the RNA ribbon plane, and the midpoint between O5*
        and O2P defines the DNA ribbon plane.

[21/02/94]    RS    command.c tokens.h render.h
        Added RasMol commands "set axes", "set boundbox" and "set
        unitcell" to display additional objects.

[17/02/94]    RS    transfor.c transfor.h
        Added the RasMol command "colour structure" to colour proteins
        by secondary structure type. Removed the "user" colour option
        from the UNIX menu system and replaced with "structure".

[16/02/94]    RS    command.c transfor.c
        Changed the semantics of "ribbons 0" and the RasMol "ribbons"
        menu option to display ribbons whose width varies by secondary
        structure type.

[15/02/94]    RS    rasmol.c raswin.rc
        Changed the menu item "Save" to "Export" which makes more
        sense for generating image files.

[14/02/94]    RS    raswin.c x11win.c graphics.h command.c tokens.h
        Added the "set mouse" command to RasMol to allow the RasMol
        mouse bindings to emulate other packages. RasMol currently
        supports "set mouse insight" and "set mouse quanta".

[13/02/94]    RS    rasmol.1 rasmol.hlp rasmol.html raswin.hlp
        Completed work on the RasMol "on-line" help preparation
        system. Now the UNIX man pages, Microsoft Windows help,
        Mosaic HTML and RasMol/RasWin online help is prepared from
        the same source. All these files are now up to date.

[10/02/94]    RS    command.c tokens.h molecule.c molecule.h
        Added the rasmol "show symmetry" command.

[27/01/94]    RS    rasmol.c
        Improved command line editting under VAX VMS. Fixed VMS bug
        that caused the process to "crash" after RasMolExit().

[26/01/94]    RS    rasmol.c
        Extended VAX VMS port of RasMol using ASTs to allow the
        asynchronous receipt of characters from SYS$INPUT:

[26/01/94]    RS    graphics.h command.c
        Allow the command line state (prompt) to enable/disable
        the menu buttons, this solves a GUI style flaw/bug.

[07/01/94]    RS    molecule.c transfor.c
        Corrected potential bugs when detailing with upper and lower
        bounds on Main and Heta residue numbers and temperatures.

[07/01/94]    RS    x11win.c
        Made the second and third mouse buttons synonymous.

[07/01/94]    RS    molecule.c molecule.h command.c tokens.h
        Added the RasMol "renumber" command to ensure sequential
        residue numbering alongs macromolecular chains.

[07/01/94]    RS    transfor.c transfor.h command.c tokens.h
        Added the RasMol "centre" command to allow rotation of a
        molecule about the centre of gravity of a given set of atoms.

[06/01/94]    RS    x11win.c
        Solved colourmap problem on Silicon Graphics machines that
        caused some colours to be displayed incorrectly!

[06/01/94]    RS    abstree.c
        Corrected bug in ParsePrimitiveExpression that caused general
        wildcards (i.e. "*" and "*.*") to be treated incorrectly.

[05/01/94]    RS    x11win.c
        Renamed the variable "shminfo" to avoid a name clash when
        compiling on the DEC Alpha using OSF/1 and Ultrix. Thanks
        to Dan Jacobson.

[04/01/94]    RS    !Started visiting research post with the
        Protein Biochemistry group at Glaxo Group Research,
        Greenford, Middlesex.