ChangeLog 7


[10/10/96]    RS    render.c
        Fixed bug in ReSize screen that incorrectly set MaxZoom. This
        should match the code in InitialTransform(). Special Thanks
        to Tim Maffet.

[10/10/96]    RS    pixutils.c
        Correct bug testing incorrect OutCode in routine ClipLine().
        Special thanks to Tim Maffet.

[07/10/96]    RS    raswin.c
        Changed the style and class of the command line window to
        allow it to be minimized in Windows 95. Thanks to Ken Davis.

[30/09/96]    RS    render.c
        Fixed a bug displaying crystallographic unit cell. Very
        Special Thanks to Wei Dong <>

[24/09/96]    RS    rasmol.c
        Add support for several command line options including
        "-width", "-height", "-noconnect" and "-port". Special
        thanks to Ryan Hung for the WidthxHeight code.

[23/09/96]    RS    command.c
        Modified the FetchFile function to trap SIGPIPE when calling
        popen(3) to gunzip or decompress. Thanks to Guy Slater.

[17/07/96]    RS    command.c
        Fixed a bug in RasWin under Windows 95 that prevents
        filenames from containing spaces. Thanks to Bob Long.

[16/07/96]    RS    transfor.c
        Improved the implementation of ScaleColourMap that no
        longer uses floating point values. This fixes problems
        on IBM PC and improves performance.

[16/07/96]    RS    command.c
        Add the "set sequence <boolean>" command to RasMol and
        implemented "DescribeSequence" that controls whether "show
        sequence" displays three-letter or one-letter amino codes.

[16/07/96]    RS    pixutils.c
        Fixed 16bit overflow problem when display polygons in
        RasWin in routines "DrawPolygon" and "ClipPolygon".

[02/07/96]    RS    x11win.c
        Fixed a bug in RasMol that treated the SGI NumLock key as
        an Alt-modifier. Popping up menus when typing into the
        canvas window. Thanks to Andrew Leach and Ryan Smith.

[01/07/96]    RS    rasmac.c
        Corrected problems in "OpenDialogHook" and "SaveDialogHook"
        that caused several problems including a system crash when
        running Symmantec Directory Assistance II. Special Thanks
        to Kevin E. Gilbert (for the patch) and Henry Rzepa (for
        discovering the problem).

[07/05/96]    RS    command.c
        Corrected bug in "ExecuteSetCommand" that caused "set backfade"
        to always reset "set transparency" (a missing break statement).
        Special Thanks to Tim Maffett.

[09/04/96]    RS    script.c
        Modified the generation of script files to fix a bug in
        writing the "colour axes" command to include commas. Special
        to Guy Slater.

[29/03/96]    RS    script.c
        Modified the generation of script files to avoid writing
        "colour ribbons none" at each residue, which is the default.
        Thanks to Alan Lewis.

[21/11/95]    RS    command.c
        Changed the conditions in FetchFile on when RasMol determines
        bonds itself to the condition "bonds < atoms-chains". This
        allows multiple connected fragments. Thanks to William Hart.

[10/11/95]    RS    infile.c x11win.c
        Made several #ifdef VMS changes to allow RasMol to compile
        with VAX C. Thanks to Gail Schuman.

[10/11/95]    RS    pixutils.h pixutils.c repres.c
        Changed the field names hx, hy and hz in structure Knot to
        to dx, dy and dz to avoid clash with predefined AIX macro hz.
        Thanks to Hiroki Morizono.

[09/11/95]    RS    transfor.c
        Fixed bug in ApplyTransform() that caused RasMol to crash if
        all atoms have the same co-ordinates. Thanks to Guy Slater.

[06/11/95]    RS    script.c
        Fixed bug in RasMol script generation that outputs the
        background colour before the zap command (which resets
        the background colour to black). Thanks to Niels Kristian
        Bech Jensen.

[20/10/95]    RS    infile.c
        Fixed bug in RasMol CHARMm file format reader. RasMol now
        uses the standard PDB residue numbering in column 56, rather
        than the sequential numbering in column 5. Thanks to Milan