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by Philippe Valadon
P.O. Box 928064, La Jolla, CA 92192-8064, USA,
Version 2.0, January 2002
Copyright © Philippe Valadon 2000-2002

Based on:

RasMol 2.6 by Roger Sayle
Biomolecular Structures Group, Glaxo Wellcome Research & Development, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK
Version 2.6, August 1995, Version 2.6.4, December 1998
Copyright © Roger Sayle 1992-1999

And Modulations by:

Herbert J. Bernstein
Bernstein + Sons, P.O. Box 177, Bellport, NY, USA,
2.7.0 March 1999, 2.7.1 June 1999, Jan 01, 2.7.2 Aug 00, and Apr 01
Copyright © Herbert J. Bernstein 1998-1999

Arne Mueller
Version 2.6x1, May 1998
Copyright © Arne Mueller 1998

Marco Molinaro
RasMol 2.6-ucb Nov 96 Consortium 1995, 1996

Gary Grossman
RasMol 2.5-ucb Nov 95 (C) UC Regents/ModularCHEM

All rights reserved. Use of copyright notice does not imply publication or disclosure. The information supplied in this site is believed to be true but no liability is assumed for its use or for the infringements of the rights of the others resulting from its use. Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of the supplier.

RasTop Help Site was created using material developed by Roger Sayle, Margaret Wong, Eric Martz, William McClure, and Herbert J. Bernstein and Frances C. Bernstein.

RasTop 2.0 was created from previous versions of RasTop, 2.5 and 2.6 UCB Mods, RasMol 2.6.4. and RasMol 2.7.x series.

RasMol 2.7.1. has been created from several sources. Much of the code is from RasMol 2.6, as created by Roger Sayle.

The torsion angle code, new POVRAY3 code and other features are derived from the RasMol2.6x1 revisions by Arne Mueller.


The Ramachandran printer plot code was derived from fisipl created by Frances C. Bernstein. See the Protein Data Bank program tape.

The CIF modifications make use of a library based in part on CBFlib by Paul J. Ellis and Herbert J. Bernstein.


Parts of CBFlib is loosely based on the CIFPARSE software package from the NDB at Rutgers university.



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