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Source & Binaries

Obtaining RasTop binary

Copy the RasTop package if you have access to it or request it by sending an email to the author. RasTop, version 2.0 package is distributed on geneinfinity site; earlier versions, 1.3. and 1.3.1, are distributed on the openrasmol site maintained by Herbert Bernstein. After unpacking, the folder must contain a RasTop.exe file, a help folder - this site, a data folder, a source folder, and a readme.txt file. If you want to distribute RasTop on the web, you are welcome to the condition that you distribute the full package. Read the full NOTICE for copyrights attached to this work and the works included with it.

If your monitor only accepts 256 color display (8-bits), replace the RasTop.exe file from the full package (32-bit version) by the 8-bit version. You can obtain the 8-bit version RasTop_8.exe by download from geneinfinity site.

RasMol binaries, including variants for other platforms, are available on the openrasmol site by Herbert Bernstein. Other links are listed in the library.

About RasTop source

The full source is included in RasTop package in the folder source. To built RasTop, your compiler must accept Microsoft Foundation Classes. Other versions of RasMol source are available on many sites including the openrasmol site. Some links to RasMol source are listed in the library.

up.gif (892 bytes)Working on RasTop source

RasTop 2.0 was built using Microsoft Foundation Classes and Visual Studio. To compile RasTop, just load RasTop workspace and built it. The present version was built under Visual Studio Version 6.0. You can find in the changelog all changes made to RasMol source since version 2.1 by Roger Sayle. All modifications that are RasTop specific are under the conditioner RASTOPWIN. To compile the 8-bits version, un-define THIRTYTWOBITS and define EIGHTBITS, see rasmol.h.

up.gif (892 bytes)Contributing to RasTop source

There is no TODO list attached to RasTop, but potential working directions are numerous. If you are interested in adding to RasTop a particular set of functions designated to operate new type of calculations and taking advantage of rasmol license to diffuse your method, I'll be happy to help you to identify RasMol variables and make the corresponding changes in the interface. An important characteristic of RasTop source is the packaging of all important variables in a unique class. This class allows the opening of multiple molecules in different windows. To preserve this ability, it is important to declare each new variable not initialized by the command 'zap' in the corresponding header file and in the file datadisplay.cpp.

I'll be happy to incorporate your corrections, improvements, and modifications, simply contact me. If you want to make your own derivative of RasTop, you must read the full NOTICE.



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