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Présentation du collège par les élèves (premier échange)

Travail de présentation du collège en anglais (LV1 = première langue vivante étrangère pour nos élèves)

This document is for the pupils in Vanuatu

République School

The name of our school is REPUBLIQUE . It's a state and mixed school. It's in Cholet, it's next to the town center. Cholet is in the west of France. In our school, there are 468 pupils from Year 7 to Year 10. There is also a class for pupils with Special Educational Needs. There are 38 teachers. We've got 20 classrooms in our school. School starts at 8.30 am and finishes at 4.30 pm.

    The name of the headteacher is Mr ROULLIERE and the name of the deputy head is Mr LECUIT.

     There are 14 different subjects : French, English, Spanish, German, Biology, Maths, IT, Art, History-Geography, PE, Physics, Music, latin. There are drama lessons for the Year 7.  There isn't a school  orchestra. We've got some computers in our library and in the I.T rooms. We've got some clubs too. Our clubs are : a choir, board games, sign language, dance. We've got a Science day but we haven't got a Sports day. We haven't got a uniform and a swimming-pool.We play hockey, basket-ball, gymnastics, volley-ball, but we don't play rugby and cricket. There isn't a gym and there aren't any playing fields in the school. The playground is small too.

    In our class, there are 25 pupils (14 girls and 11 boys). We are in Year 8. And we want to talk to you soon !...

You can visit our website : http://clg-republique-49.ac-nantes.fr.

Laura et Alexis (5e2) - Ens. en Anglais : Mme Petit