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In Darwin’s footsteps

Par Marie Musset et Charles-Henri Eyraud — Dernière modification 26/04/2017 11:28
Effective biodiversity education through the outdoor classroom

Program of the week

Panorama of the Preston Fiel Center


An overview of biodiversity education -The outdoor classroom - Why is it so important Rob Lucas
FSC Directeur of operations
presentation .mp3  
Policy and practice in biodiversity education Andy Simpson
Education manager, RSPB
 presentation  see audiomontage download
A big picture of the english curriculum .jpg .pdf    
Biodiversity education out of the classroom education - does it do any good? Justin Dillon
King's college London
 presentation see audiomontage download
Schools and communities - putting biodiversity in practical use. Sue Townsend
Centre manager Preston Monford Field center
 presentation  .mp3  


Biodiversity projects in the countries

Bulgaria, Atanas ZGUROV presentation .mp3
Denmark, Mads Lunau    .mp3
France, Marie MUSSET  presentation  .mp3
             Charles-Henri EYRAUD  presentation  .mp3
Germany, Ursula BENNINCK  presentation  .mp3
                 Tanja BERTHOLD  presentation  .mp3
Spain, Carmen SANTANA  presentation 1 2  .mp3
           Uxio XOSE  presentation 1 2  .mp3
Turkey, Fingen SEKIN  presentation  .mp3


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